All Around the Web – September 22, 2018

AATWTrevin Wax – Resisting The Great Untruths That Hurt Our Society

John Stonestreet – The Pagan Logic of Infanticide

Jason K. Allen – As One with Authority: The Four Pillars of Authoritative Preaching

TGC – How Should Pastors Approach the Salary Question?

Evangelical History – Lessons Learned from Fact-Checking Professor Buzzkill

Chuck Lawless – 15 Things to Do if You Want to Lead Better

Thom Rainer – The Kingdom Mindset of Churches that Are Willing to Be Replanted – Revitalize & Replant #059

Justin Taylor – The One Foolproof Way to Prevent a Broken Heart

Facts & Trends – What will it take to plant 1,200+ churches per year?

TGC – Pastor, Don’t Be a Secondhander

The Blaze – Amazon is planning a big move that will affect American jobs in a huge way

Tim Challies – A Day With Amy Carmichael (EPIC: India)

BBC – How Do You Decaffeinate Coffee?

Babylon Bee – Local Man Quits Following Politics For Fifth Time Today

Babylon Bee – ‘Sesame Street’ Producers Deny Rumors That Bert, Ernie Are Russian Spies


All Around the Web – September 21, 2018

AATWJoe Carter – How to Help Prevent Your Child from Becoming an Atheist

Ross Douthat – The Pro-Life Movement’s Kavanaugh Dilemma

Stephen McAlpine – Gen Z and Religion: “It’s All Good”

New Yorker – The Unlikely Endurance of Christian Rock

Crossway – 10 Things You Should Know about Scientism

Thom Rainer – Eight Areas Where Many Ministers Are Unprepared for Ministry

Chuck Lawless – 11 Characteristics of Spiritually Weak Christian Leaders

Facts & Trends – Finding Ways to Best Love Those With Alzheimer’s

Tim Challies – The Joys (and the Limitations) of Male-Female Friendships

RT – Bert & Ernie ‘were gay couple,’ reveals Sesame Street writer

Babylon Bee – 9 Things We’re Looking Forward To In Heaven

Babylon Bee – John Kerry On Possible 2020 Run: ‘I Won’t Rule Out Another Dramatic And Humiliating Loss’

All Around the Web – September 20, 2018

AATWTrevin Wax – There’s Another Kind of Lust to Avoid, and It’s Not Sexual

John Stonestreet – Alex Jones and Free Speech

Eric Metaxes – A Pastor’s Suicide

Chuck Lawless – 10 Concerns I Have about Christian Young Men

Thom Rainer – Five Key Reasons Churches Become More Unified – Rainer on Leadership #468

Evangelical History – The Paradox of American Religion and American Secularism

Cripplegate – We Need to Change How We Pray

TGC – What’s Missing in Discipleship Today

LifeWay Books – Three Ways to Make Time for Reading in the Busyness of Life

New York Times – Leaked Google Video After Trump’s Win Adds to Pressure From Conservatives

Washington Post –  A private letter from Ronald Reagan to his dying father-in-law shows the president’s faith

Forbes – Raising Kids With Religion Or Spirituality May Protect Their Mental Health: Study

Babylon Bee – Socialist Leaders Clarify: ‘We Only Want Socialism For Everyone Else’

*Some strong language.

All Around the Web – September 19, 2018

AATWRoss Douthat – Conservatism After Christianity

Sam Storms – 10 Things You Should Know about Religious Pluralism

Tim Challies – The Bit of Heaven the Heaven Tourism Books Never Touched

TGC – How Porn Is Sidelining Missionaries

Crossway – The Biggest Detriment to Longevity in Ministry

Chuck Lawless – Monday’s Random Thoughts about Yesterday’s Preaching

Thom Rainer – Six Negative Consequences of Church Members Having an Entitlement Mentality

Facts & Trends – 3 Temptations When in Comes to Prayer in the Local Church

Reformation21 – Origen on Prayer

TGC – Racism Is Demonic

TGC – The Bible Is Full of Lies

The Economists – Why are so many teenage girls appearing in gender clinics?

Babylon Bee – World History Professor Opens Class With Trigger Warning For Socialist Students

All Around the Web – September 18, 2018

AATWJoe Carter – 9 Things You Should Know About Hurricanes

Carl Trueman – The Aesthetics of Tolerance

Russell Moore – Trust Your Teenagers to God

Stephen McAlpine – Why Millennials ARE Coming to Church

Thom Rainer – How to Say No to Church Members – Rainer on Leadership #467

LifeWay – 5 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor’s Wellness

Facts & Trends – 3 Leadership Lessons I Learned From Coaching

TGC – 4 Recent Books on Jonathan Edwards

Mashable – Weatherman dramatically braces for Hurricane Florence while 2 guys casually stroll by

Moneyish – We now spend more time on Netflix than we do bonding with our kids

Babylon Bee – Missions Trip Successfully Converts Entire Village Into Republicans

Babylon Bee – Incoming Planned Parenthood President Confirms She Has Acquired Final Infinity Stone

All Around the Web – September 17, 2018

AATWAndrew Walker – Language, Falsehood, and Coercion at the University of Minnesota

LifeWay – Many Who Call Themselves Evangelical Don’t Actually Hold Evangelical Beliefs

Crossway – 3 Battles Your Teen Faces Every Day

Tim Challies – What Makes the Spiritual Gifts Discussion Different

Chuck Lawless – The Pastor’s Day Off: Monday? Friday? Another day?

Denny Burk – Albert Mohler answers questions about social justice

Facts & Trends – Historic Ancient Church Discovered Under a Lake

The Blaze – Chelsea Clinton makes a bizarre claim about who is really Christian – and who’s not

The Blaze – Here’s what happened to the pope’s favorability rating after the sex abuse scandal

Crossway – 9 Ways the New Earth Will Be More Glorious than Eden

Babylon Bee – Chelsea Clinton: It Would Be ‘Unchristian’ To Believe In God, Read Bible

Babylon Bee – Exclusive Report: Kavanaugh May Have Cheated While Playing ‘The Floor Is Lava’ As A Child

All Around the Web – September 15, 2018

AATWTrevin Wax – The Witness of a Gospel-United Church in an Ever-Fragmenting Nation

John Stonestreet – All the Cool Girls Are Transitioning

Russell Moore – The Gospel and Social Injustice – Part 2

Justin Taylor – D. A. Carson on the (Ambiguous) Claim ‘This Is a Gospel Issue’

Facts & Trends – 6 Things Your Church May Be Doing Illegally

Tim Challies – How do You Choose A Bible Translation?



Facts & Trends – 3 Things to Remember When You Fight the Good Fight

Mental Floss – 12 Letters That Didn’t Make the Alphabet

New York Times – How Game Apps That Captivate Kids Have Been Collecting Their Data

All Around the Web – September 14, 2018

AATWJoe Carter – The FAQs: What Parents Should Know About Peer Contagion

Russell Moore – God Doesn’t Turn a Blind Eye to Abuse—Neither Should the Church

Cripplegate – Ham’s sin, Canaan’s curse, and the African experiment

Borrowed Light – Let’s Just Be Honest and Admit We Hate One Another

John Stonestreet – Masculinity, Makeup, and “Flower Boys”

American Institute – Men without work

Tim Challies – When God Removes the Asterisks

Denny Burk – John Calvin on Temptation and Original Sin

Ligonier – 4 Reasons to Remember Your Creator in Your Youth

Facts & Trends – 2 Lessons on Leadership Excellence From Paul

The College Fix –  More Yale freshmen identify as LGBTQ than conservative, survey finds

Brad Hambrick – 6 Ways Watching Pornography Affects Your Mental Health

Babylon Bee – Grandmother Trying To Figure Out How To Use Facebook Accidentally Hacks US Election

All Around the Web – September 13, 2018

AATWKevin DeYoung – Is Social Justice a Gospel Issue?

Denny Burk – The Nashville Statement confronts heresy, and that’s why we needed it.

Crossway – The Bible and Islam

Gospel Coalition – 4 Ways to Become Holy—as a Church

Chuck Lawless – 10 Simple Ways to Reach Your Neighbors for Jesus

Thom Rainer – Eight Differences between Church Giving and Church Dues

Facts & Trends – 5 Reasons to Avoid “Risk-Free” Tithing

Don Whitney – The Gospel & Journaling

Desiring God – Journal As a Pathway to Joy

Gospel Coalition – An Interview with the Author of the Definitive Treatment on Christian Universalism

Master Seminary – The Verse That Makes Every Pastor’s Blood Run Cold

Babylon Bee – Scholars: Book Of Life In Revelation Actually Contains Statement On Social Justice

Babylon Bee – Democrats Threaten To Abandon Final Shred Of Sanity If Kavanaugh Confirmed

All Around the Web – September 12, 2018

AATWTrevin Wax – Fragmented Churches in Fragmented Times

John Stonestreet – When LGBT Families Come to Church

Cripplegate – What is the Greatest Miracle in the Bible?

Evangelical History – Jonathan Edwards on the True Meaning of “Spiritual”

Chuck Lawless – 7 Textual Reasons to Pray for Your Church Leaders Today

Thom Rainer – Why Staff Issues Are Among the Most Painful Church Issues – Rainer on Leadership #466

Tim Challies – Have You Committed The Unpardonable Sin?

Facts & Trends – Why Christians Must Crucify Their Family Values

BreakPoint Podcast – Dr. Russell Moore: The Storm-Tossed Family

Gospel Coalition – Jonathan Haidt on the Coddling of the American Mind

Babylon Bee – Student Kicked Out Of Class For Asking Feminist Professor How Women Are Simultaneously ‘Powerful’ And ‘Helpless Victims Of Patriarchy’

Babylon Bee – Robert Jeffress Asks Congregation To Stand For The Reading Of Trump’s Tweets