All Around the Web – August 13, 2020

AATWTrevin Wax – John Stott and Multi-Directional Leadership

Atlantic – The Anti-Abortion-Rights Movement Prepares to Build a Post-Roe World

John Stonestreet – How the Sperm Donation Industry is Breaking Families

Tablet Magazine – Stanley Fish and the Argument Against Free Speech

F&T – Feeling Called to a New Ministry Assignment? Take These 3 Steps

Chuck Lawless – 10 Characteristics of the Best Second-Chair Leaders I’ve Known

CCW Today – Manners for Social Media in Polarized Times

Keith Matheson – Causing Little Ones to Stumble

TGC – Themelios 45.2

Disrn – UK may end daily COVID-19 death reports after experts say numbers are exaggerated

Disrn – Lebanon’s entire government, including prime minister, resigns over Beirut explosion

Disrn – Not the Bee: College math prof says “the idea that math is in any way objective is a MYTH” that “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy”

Babylon Bee – College Football Fans Say Canceling Season Would Infringe On Their Right To Worship

Babylon Bee – Exclusive Interview: Joe Biden Talks To The Babylon Bee

Babylon Bee – Sorry Excuse For A Man Asks For Help At Home Depot

Babylon Bee – ‘Conservatives Are Being Censored On Social Media!’ Says Conservative In Viral Social Media Post

All Around the Web – August 12, 2020

AATWDavid French – The Decline and Fall of Jerry Falwell

F&T – What’s Fueling the Divisions in Your Church?

Thom Rainer – Five Types of Church Members Who Will Not Return after the Quarantine

F&T – 3 Needs Student Ministers Have of Their Senior Pastors

Chuck Lawless – 10 Ways to Improve and Re-focus Fellowship Events at Church

TGC – Profanity Is Worse Than You Think

Bible Gateway – Half of USA Churchgoers Admit They Have Confusion Over the Bible

Tim Challies – Meatless, Cheeseless, Crustless Pizza and the Evangelical Church

TGC – The Most Important Lesson Parents Teach

Disrn – California county sues church for holding regular indoor services

Disrn – Biden’s lead over Trump shrinks to just 3 points nationally

Babylon Bee – Infographic: The Official NASA Guide To More Inclusive Space Terms

Babylon Bee – Experts Predict Winner Of Election Will Be Candidate Who Talks The Least

Babylon Bee – 10 Irrefutable Atheist Arguments That Will Explode Your Feeble Christian Brain

Babylon Bee – Biden Campaign Cancels Trip Upstairs

All Around the Web – August 11, 2020

AATWAlbert Mohler – Why I Am a Baptist

Cold Case Christianity – The Difference Between Christian Grace and Mormon Grace

Michael J. Kruger – How Early Christianity was Mocked for Welcoming Women

TGC – The Future of World Christianity Is African

Crossway – How to Read (and Not Read) the Bible

Randy Alcorn – What Age Will We Appear in Heaven?

Church Answers – You Are the Least Common Denominator

Baptist Press – Falwell to take indefinite leave of absence from Liberty

Jason Fried – Remote work is a platform

Disrn – NASA to change names of planets and other celestial bodies deemed “offensive”

Disrn – “Evangelicals for Trump” group bypasses NV church ban by holding worship event in Vegas casino

Disrn – New York’s coronavirus infection rate dips below 1%

Disrn – Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests negative for COVID-19 just hours after testing positive

Runner’s World – When This Runner Faced Unspeakable Tragedy, Faith Kept Her Going

Babylon bee – Biden Tells Staffers To Pick Any Black Person For VP ‘Since They All Think The Same Anyway’

Babylon bee – Woke Christian Asks Jesus To Return All The Shame He Took Away

Babylon bee – Coin Shortage Traced To Kenneth Copeland’s Giant Money Vault

Babylon bee – Joe Biden Holds A Diversity Training Seminar For The African American Community

All Around the Web – August 10, 2020

AATWJoe Carter – Survey: Majority of American Christians Don’t Believe the Gospel

John Stonestreet – Mexico Rejects Abortion Imperialism

Tim Challies – Sometimes “Love Your Enemy” Means “Love Your Spouse”

Chuck Lawless – 12 Ways to Respond in a Spiritual Rut

Law Liberty – Secularism Cannot Sustain Liberty, a Response to Greg Forster

F&T – 5 COVID-19 Problems That Worsened for Pastors This Summer

Crossway – The Little ‘C’ Catholic Church Explained

LifeWay Voices – 3 Questions to Ask when Reading the Bible

Baptist Press – 96-year-old on baptism: ‘I couldn’t wait to get in that water’

Disrn – Rand Paul: Republicans should apologize to Obama for complaining about spending

Disrn – Mike Pence becomes first VP to visit pro-life pregnancy center

Disrn – England to wipe thousands of coronavirus deaths from death toll due to change in tracking method

disrn – Historian who has predicted every race since 1984 says Trump will lose to Biden in November

Babylon Bee – Homeschool Family Running Out Of Weird Baby Names From The Bible

Babylon Bee – 10 Signs You Might Be A Secret Racist

Babylon Bee – Trump Estimates That It Could Take 4 More Years To Accurately Count All The Votes

Babylon Bee – Score! China Keeps Sending Everyone Packages Containing Giant Mystery Eggs

All Around the Web – August 8, 2020

AATWJohn Stonestreet – Join Us in Prayer for Our Nation

Desiring God – Let Your Dream Church Die

TGC – The 8 Stages of Long-Term Pastoral Ministry

Chuck Lawless – 10 Signs You Might be in a Spiritual Rut

Stand to Reason – How 2020 Is Taking a Toll on Your Soul

Cripplegate – 4 distinctives of a Christian view of race

F&T – 3 Essentials for Reaching the College Campus Amid Cultural Tensions

Crossway – 5 Questions about the Psalms

F&T – 5 Dreaded Sermon Topics—and Tips for Handling Them Gracefully

Disrn – John MacArthur retains nationally renowned legal team in fight against California church service ban

Disrn – U.S. Treasury Department says it expects to borrow $2 trillion in the remainder of 2020

Disrn – Gallup: More than 80% of black Americans want same or more police presence in neighborhood

Disrn – New York City reports zero COVID-19 deaths for 3 straight days

NPR – Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Swears In During 100 Mile Run

Babylon Bee – Infographic: A Complete Breakdown Of The $1 Trillion Stimulus Bill

Babylon Bee – Riotous BLM Protesters Suddenly Realize They’re All White People

Babylon Bee – Experts Now Recommend Taking Up Vaping To Increase Social Distance

All Around the Web – August 7, 2020

AATWTrevin Wax – On Hamilton, Criticism, and the Power of Creativity

John Stonestreet – Assisted Suicide for the Healthy

Cold Case Christianity – If These Reasons Wouldn’t Justify Killing a Kitten, Why Would They Justify Abortion?

Douglas Wilson – Aphorisms on Liberty

F&T – 3 Apologetic Approaches to Reach the Next Generation

Thom Rainer – 5 Reasons Why Behavior Problems Pop Up In Kids Ministry

LifeWay Voices – 8 Ways to Use Social Media For Good

Disrn – The U.S. just posted its lowest number of new coronavirus cases in 4 weeks

Disrn – Poll shows almost 2/3 of voters anticipate violence by progressives if Trump wins reelection

Disrn – L.A. County threatens Pastor John MacArthur with fines, arrest after church holds in-person services

Disrn – Poll: 82% of U.S. parents are considering homeschooling their kids this fall

Babylon Bee – Seattle Disbands Police, Replaces With New Organization ‘People Offering Little Insulation From Community Evils,’ Or P.O.L.I.C.E. For Short

Babylon Bee – ‘No, Joe! Spit It Out!’ Shout Aides As Biden Takes Huge Bite Out Of Cognitive Test

Babylon Bee – Bible Briefly Consulted To See If It Supports Already-Formed Opinion

Babylon Bee – Outraged Governor Newsom Orders Furnace To Be Heated Seven Times If John MacArthur Will Not Bow Down And Worship Him

All Around the Web – August 6, 2020

AATWJoe Carter – 9 Things You Should Know About Death and Dying

John Stonestreet – Genocide in China

TGC – Cultivating Christlike Virtue in a Virtue-Signaling Age

F&T – 5 Biggest Concerns Pastors Have Right Now

Tim Challies – Is White Fragility a Helpful Resource for Christians?

F&T – 6 Truths to Remember Before You Give Up on Your Church

Chuck Lawless – 12 Miracles I’ve Seen as a Pastor

TGC – Susie Spurgeon’s Gospel Initiative

Doug Wilson – Our Galvanizing Grandfather

TGC – No, Science Can’t Provide Morals: Why the New View (Still) Falls Short

Babylon Bee – Multiple Peaceful Protests Break Out At Hockey Games

Babylon Bee – Tucker Carlson Preaches At John MacArthur’s Church

Babylon Bee – Biden Says He Can’t Wait To Find Out Who He Picked For VP

Babylon Bee – Democrats Propose New Debate Format Where Biden Is Tied Up Backstage With His Mouth Duct-Taped Shut

All Around the Web – August 5, 2020

AATWTrevin Wax – The Cost of Telling the Truth in a World of Lies

Public Discourse – New Data Show “Gender-Affirming” Surgery Doesn’t Really Improve Mental Health. So Why Are the Study’s Authors Saying It Does?

Doug Wilson – Masking and Masks: A Hypothetical Interview

CBMW – Overwhelming Majority of Evangelicals Support Women Preachers

F&T – 3 Ministry Lessons from a Pastor’s Personal Trauma

Chuck Lawless – 15 Signs You Might Need a Day Off

Bible Gateway – Nearly 2 Billion Bible Passages Spread Worldwide in 4 Years

Cripplegate – By the way, they will not listen to you!

Vatican Files – Why J.I. Packer Signed “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” (and Why He Was Inconsistent)

CBC – She Took A Job As A Nursing Home Dishwasher Just So She Could See Her Husband

Disrn – Rasmussen: Trump approval hits 51% — 7 points higher than Obama at same point in presidency

Disrn – San Diego’s Museum of Man changes name to “Museum of Us”

Disrn – Homicides surge in most large U.S. cities

Disrn – BLM issues demands for cut of Louisville business profits, threatens boycotts, sit-ins

ScreenRant – Netflix’s Narnia Series: 5 Things We’re Excited About (& 5 We’re Worried About)

Babylon Bee – ‘Down With Fascism!’ Cries Protester Burning Bibles

Babylon Bee – Biden Campaign Says He Is So Close To A VP Pick He Can Smell Her

Babylon Bee – DC Rebrands Wonder Woman As Wonder Person Who Menstruates

Babylon Bee – Trader Joe’s Makes Baffling Business Decision To Ignore Angry People On The Internet Who Don’t Even Shop There

All Around the Web – August 4, 2020

AATWAndrew Walker – Ten Short Theses on Churches, Wisdom, and Civil Disobedience

TGC – Are We Held Accountable for the Sins of Our Forefathers?

John Stonestreet – Pastor or Parrot?

Chuck Lawless – 9 Ways to Pray for Church Leaders this Week

F&T – 5 Steps to Reconnecting Your Church Through Groups

TGC – Calvin and That Awfully Divisive Person in Your Church

Tim Challies – Why I Need To Spend a Month in Quarantine

Disrn – Orlando Magic forward becomes first NBA player to stand during national anthem: “The answer is the gospel”

Disrn – Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz: “Churches might be one of biggest propagators of racist ideology”

Disrn – NYC has already had more shootings this year than it did in all of 2019

Disrn – Seattle moves to disband police department, replace it with “gender-affirming, anti-racist” Department of Community Safety

Medium – The Uncertain Future of Post-Pandemic Starbucks

Babylon Bee –  After Brief Absence, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns Home To Hospital

Babylon Bee – Op-Ed: God, I Know You Promised Not To Send Another Flood, But It’s Ok, Really

Babylon Bee – Dr. Fauci Recommends Encasing Your Entire Body In Bubble Wrap To Protect Against Coronavirus

Babylon Bee – Man Returning To Church Proud That He Still Remembers All The Words To ‘Good Good Father’