All Around the Web – April 4, 2020

AATWEd Stetzer – Dear Church Leaders, THIS Is not the Crisis—It Is Time to Get Prepared for the Crisis that Is Only Weeks Away

John Stonestreet – Gender Transition Surgeries in a Global Crisis

F&T – 5 Ways to Make Your Online Easter Service Impactful

Justin Taylor – Colson’s Law: The Relationship between Cops and Conscience, Community and Chaos

LifeWay Voices – The CARES Act: What Individuals Need to Know About the Stimulus Bill

Justin Taylor – Yes, We Really Are Living in the Last Days

Thom Rainer – How to Help Members Deal with the Pain of a Dying Church

F&T – The Grave Couldn’t Contain Christ, Neither Will a Quarantine

Chuck Lawless – A Challenging Word for Churches from “USA Today”

Tim Challies – Watch a Free Episode of “Epic”

Disrn – Record-shattering 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week

Disrn – Google searches for “prayer” skyrocket in past month to all-time highs

Babylon Bee – China Claims No New Deaths As Peasant Passes By Shouting ‘Bring Out Your Dead!’

Babylon Bee – AOC Is A Strong, Intelligent Woman, Snopes Is An Excellent Fact-Checker, And Joel Osteen Is A Biblically Faithful Preacher

Babylon Bee – Daily Coronavirus WH Briefings Renewed For Second Season Thanks To Record Ratings

Babylon Bee – Liberty University Distributes MAGA Hats For Students To Cough Into


I miss Benjamin Gate.

All Around the Web – April 3, 2020

AATWAlbert Mohler – What Does It Mean to Be a Hero? Who Are Our Heroes?

Russell Moore – Do SBA-backed loans violate the separation of church and state?

Denny Burk – “Hate Group” Report from SPLC Still Malignantly Flawed

F&T – 4 Things Our Children Will Remember About COVID-19

Chuck Lawless – 10 Reasons I’m Thankful Today

Thom Rainer – 12 Reasons People Give up on Church

LifeWay Voices – An Evangelistic Easter Without Church Attendance

Bible Gateway – What Does the Book of Proverbs Say About Fools?

Tim Challies – 10 Church Members God Especially Calls Me To Love

Jason K. Allen – Nine Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Seminary

Disrn – More than half of Americans have prayed for end to COVID-19, including many who “seldom or never pray”: Pew

Babylon Bee – Pelosi: ‘We Must Flatten The Curve Of Support For Donald Trump’

Babylon Bee – Mike Pence Issues Permanent Stay-At-Home Order To Nation’s Women

Babylon Bee – Stimulus Package Projected To Save The Lives Of At Least 85,000 Government Programs

Babylon Bee – Teachers Urge Government To Reopen Schools Before Students Learn To Think For Themselves

All Around the Web – March 30, 2020

AATWAlbert Mohler – God Be with Us till We Meet Again

John Stonestreet – Running into the Coronavirus Crisis with Lettuce and Love

F&T  – 7 Keys to a Strong Offering Time During an Online Service

Denny Burk – Nashville Studio Singers Record “It Is Well” with Their Phones

F&T – Free Faith-Based Content for Kids and Parents Stuck at Home

Thom Rainer – Understanding Church Disruption

LifeWay Voices – Does Leviticus Punish Women for Having a Girl?

Tim Challies – If We All Stream Our Services, Will Anyone Ever Come Back?

Chuck Lawless – Spiritual Warfare: 7 Attacks of the Enemy during this COVID-19 Crisis

WORLD – What is (and isn’t) in the economic aid bill

Russell Moore – Reading in Exile: Books by C.S. Lewis

Disrn – Record 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment last week — nearly 5 times previous high

CNN – Man runs marathon on his balcony during lockdown – CNN Video

Babylon Bee – Study: COVID-19 Impacts Men, Women More Than All Other Genders Combined

Babylon Bee – Family Beginning To Worry For Mother’s Sanity After Just One Week Of ‘Frozen II’ On Repeat

Babylon Bee – New Evidence Suggests Israelites Got Through Times Of Famine By Sharing Memes

Babylon Bee – Biden Shouts At Webcam From Three Inches Away For Entire Remote Press Conference

All Around the Web – March 28, 2020

AATWJoe Carter – 9 Things You Should Know About the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

F&T – 10 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor During the COVID-19 Outbreak

TGC – The FAQs: Answering Tech Questions Pastors Are Asking

F&T – 8 Tips for Leading a Ministry Team Remotely

Thom Rainer – Dealing with Depression in a Church Revitalization

F&T – 6 Ways to Lead Your Family in Isolation

F&T – What South Korean Christians Want You to Know About Coronavirus

Tim Challies – An Epic Timeline

TGC – Church Leaders: Stay Closed (For Now)

Chuck Lawless – 4 Opportunities for Prayer, Community, Discussion, and Learning in These Days of Social Distancing

TGC – 6 Ways to Encourage Online Giving

Yahoo! – Coronavirus: Nobel Prize winner predicts US will get through crisis sooner than expected

Babylon Bee – Pelosi Delays Stimulus Package Until Her New Souvenir Pens Come In

Babylon Bee – PR Disaster: President Xi Forgets To Remove ‘Made In China’ Tags From Coronavirus

Babylon Bee – Democrats Demand Stimulus Bill Include Reparations For Transgender Native Americans Affected By Climate Change

Babylon Bee – ‘I’m Not Incredibly Impressed With The Chinese Government,’ Says Vile Racist

All Around the Web – March 26, 2020

AATWAlbert Mohler – The End of Pro-Life Democrats

John Stonestreet – Running into The Plague while Social Distancing

LifeWay Voices – 5 Ways the Church Will Emerge Stronger from the Coronavirus Pandemic

F&T – Speaking and Preaching to a Virtual Audience

Chuck Lawless – 9 Evidences that We Preachers Have Made Preaching an Idol

F&T – 5 Encouragements During These Trying Times

TGC – Will Everything Be OK in Italy?

Sean McDowell – Five Must-See Debates During the Quarantine

F&T – 4 Ways to Engage Gen Z with the Gospel During a Pandemic

Tim Challies – All the Free and Discounted Stuff for these Difficult Times

Disrn – Watch: Drone footage captures eerily empty major American cities

Disrn – More than 1.5 billion people globally asked to stay home to avoid coronavirus

Babylon Bee – Trump Announces All Delivery Drivers Will Receive Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Babylone Bee – Wife’s Prayer For Her Husband To Stop Watching Sports All The Time Results In Global Pandemic

Babylone Bee – Congress Assures Nation They’re Working Tirelessly To Figure Out How To Take Advantage Of This Crisis

Babylone Bee – Coronavirus Miraculously Disappears After Celebrities Sing ‘Imagine’

All Around the Web – March 24, 2020

AATWKevin DeYoung – The Coronavirus Is a Result of the Fall

John Stonestreet – We Can Only “Imagine” a Utopia

American Conservative – America: ‘At Home’ With Absurd Consumer Excess

F&T – Timely Billy Graham Sermon Clip Goes Viral

Thom Rainer – One Church’s Response to the Coronavirus

Tim Challies – More Tips on Living in Lockdown from Christians in Italy

F&T – LifeWay Offers Free Digital Curriculum to Churches

TGC – 4 Steps to Help Small Churches Implement Online Giving

TGC – ‘Church Life Goes On’: Italian Pastor Reflects on COVID-19

Crossway – 16 Ways Pastors Can Work for Unity in Politically Divisive Times

Tim Challies – How the World Worshipped on One of the Most Unusual Sundays in Church History

Disrn – Senate Dems block massive coronavirus stimulus bill

Disrn – New York state COVID-19 cases soar past 15,000; more than France, South Korea, U.K.

Disrn – Close to 1 billion people worldwide confined to homes

Disrn – Pence staff member becomes 1st-known White House employee to test positive for coronavirus

Babylon Bee – CDC Urges Those Under Quarantine To Marathon The Extended Editions Of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’

Babylon Bee – Nation Apologizes For Taking Stay-At-Home Parents For Granted All These Years

Babylon Bee – Communist Party Of China Can’t Believe They’re Getting Such Great Coverage From The American Media For Free

Babylon Bee – God To Ignore Quarantine And Continue Being Everywhere

All Around the Web – March 23, 2020

AATWRussell Moore – The Prosperity Gospel in a Time of Plague

Joe Carter – How to Talk to Your Family About Social Distancing

John Stonestreet – This is Your Brain on Google

TGC – A Practical Way to Love Your (Self-Isolated) Neighbor

TGC – 9 Ways to Love Your Neighbor in This Pandemic

Thom Rainer – Preparing Your Family for a Ministry Transition

TGC – 30 Edifying Things to Watch When Stuck at Home

TGC – Don’t Waste Your Family Quarantine

F&T – Integrity Should Be Every Pastor’s Middle Name

F&T – Funny Ways Church Leaders Are Dealing With Quarantines

New Republic – What Happened to Jordan Peterson?

Smithsonian Magazine – How to Virtually Explore the Smithsonian From Your Living Room

Babylon Bee – Trump Says, ‘I Don’t Want Any Americans To Die’, NYT Quotes As ‘I… Want… Americans To Die’

Babylon Bee – Professionals Work Tirelessly To Discover Which Political Party Should Be Blamed For Virus

Babylon Bee – Millennials Finally Take Coronavirus Seriously As Avocado Toast Supplies Run Out

Babylon Bee – Duggar Family Found In Violation Of Ban On Large Gatherings