I am the pastor at the East Frankfort Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky. Prior to coming to EFBC, I served as pastor for six years at Goshen Baptist Church in Falls of Rough, KY and associate/youth pastor at Greenup Fork Baptist Church in Owenton, KY for 5 years. I am a graduate of Boyce College and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where I received my Advanced Masters of Divinity in Biblical and Theological Studies. In 2010 graduated a T.h. M. in systematic theology in 2011.

I am the author of six books, Logizomai: A Reasonable Faith in an Unreasonable World, The Death of Death: Engaging the Culture of Death with the Gospel of Christ, and Knox’s Colleague: The Life and Catechisms of John CraigThe Traveling Church: An Account of the Baptist Exodus From Virginia to Kentucky in 1781 Under the Leadership of Rev. Lewis Craig and Captain William Ellis, and the forthcoming The Pioneer Baptist Preacher: The Life, Labors, and Character of Lewis Craig (visit my published works page here)

I have been married since July 2006 to my high school sweetheart and have two children; a son named Elijah and a daughter named Evangeline.

This website is a combination of my daily blog that includes my ramblings on numerous issues. I also want to direct you to the other pages regarding my books, sermons, and regular podcast.