All Around the Web – August 7, 2020

AATWTrevin Wax – On Hamilton, Criticism, and the Power of Creativity

John Stonestreet – Assisted Suicide for the Healthy

Cold Case Christianity – If These Reasons Wouldn’t Justify Killing a Kitten, Why Would They Justify Abortion?

Douglas Wilson – Aphorisms on Liberty

F&T – 3 Apologetic Approaches to Reach the Next Generation

Thom Rainer – 5 Reasons Why Behavior Problems Pop Up In Kids Ministry

LifeWay Voices – 8 Ways to Use Social Media For Good

Disrn – The U.S. just posted its lowest number of new coronavirus cases in 4 weeks

Disrn – Poll shows almost 2/3 of voters anticipate violence by progressives if Trump wins reelection

Disrn – L.A. County threatens Pastor John MacArthur with fines, arrest after church holds in-person services

Disrn – Poll: 82% of U.S. parents are considering homeschooling their kids this fall

Babylon Bee – Seattle Disbands Police, Replaces With New Organization ‘People Offering Little Insulation From Community Evils,’ Or P.O.L.I.C.E. For Short

Babylon Bee – ‘No, Joe! Spit It Out!’ Shout Aides As Biden Takes Huge Bite Out Of Cognitive Test

Babylon Bee – Bible Briefly Consulted To See If It Supports Already-Formed Opinion

Babylon Bee – Outraged Governor Newsom Orders Furnace To Be Heated Seven Times If John MacArthur Will Not Bow Down And Worship Him

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