All Around the Web – August 8, 2020

AATWJohn Stonestreet – Join Us in Prayer for Our Nation

Desiring God – Let Your Dream Church Die

TGC – The 8 Stages of Long-Term Pastoral Ministry

Chuck Lawless – 10 Signs You Might be in a Spiritual Rut

Stand to Reason – How 2020 Is Taking a Toll on Your Soul

Cripplegate – 4 distinctives of a Christian view of race

F&T – 3 Essentials for Reaching the College Campus Amid Cultural Tensions

Crossway – 5 Questions about the Psalms

F&T – 5 Dreaded Sermon Topics—and Tips for Handling Them Gracefully

Disrn – John MacArthur retains nationally renowned legal team in fight against California church service ban

Disrn – U.S. Treasury Department says it expects to borrow $2 trillion in the remainder of 2020

Disrn – Gallup: More than 80% of black Americans want same or more police presence in neighborhood

Disrn – New York City reports zero COVID-19 deaths for 3 straight days

NPR – Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Swears In During 100 Mile Run

Babylon Bee – Infographic: A Complete Breakdown Of The $1 Trillion Stimulus Bill

Babylon Bee – Riotous BLM Protesters Suddenly Realize They’re All White People

Babylon Bee – Experts Now Recommend Taking Up Vaping To Increase Social Distance

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