All Around the Web – August 6, 2020

AATWJoe Carter – 9 Things You Should Know About Death and Dying

John Stonestreet – Genocide in China

TGC – Cultivating Christlike Virtue in a Virtue-Signaling Age

F&T – 5 Biggest Concerns Pastors Have Right Now

Tim Challies – Is White Fragility a Helpful Resource for Christians?

F&T – 6 Truths to Remember Before You Give Up on Your Church

Chuck Lawless – 12 Miracles I’ve Seen as a Pastor

TGC – Susie Spurgeon’s Gospel Initiative

Doug Wilson – Our Galvanizing Grandfather

TGC – No, Science Can’t Provide Morals: Why the New View (Still) Falls Short

Babylon Bee – Multiple Peaceful Protests Break Out At Hockey Games

Babylon Bee – Tucker Carlson Preaches At John MacArthur’s Church

Babylon Bee – Biden Says He Can’t Wait To Find Out Who He Picked For VP

Babylon Bee – Democrats Propose New Debate Format Where Biden Is Tied Up Backstage With His Mouth Duct-Taped Shut

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