All Around the Web – August 10, 2020

AATWJoe Carter – Survey: Majority of American Christians Don’t Believe the Gospel

John Stonestreet – Mexico Rejects Abortion Imperialism

Tim Challies – Sometimes “Love Your Enemy” Means “Love Your Spouse”

Chuck Lawless – 12 Ways to Respond in a Spiritual Rut

Law Liberty – Secularism Cannot Sustain Liberty, a Response to Greg Forster

F&T – 5 COVID-19 Problems That Worsened for Pastors This Summer

Crossway – The Little ‘C’ Catholic Church Explained

LifeWay Voices – 3 Questions to Ask when Reading the Bible

Baptist Press – 96-year-old on baptism: ‘I couldn’t wait to get in that water’

Disrn – Rand Paul: Republicans should apologize to Obama for complaining about spending

Disrn – Mike Pence becomes first VP to visit pro-life pregnancy center

Disrn – England to wipe thousands of coronavirus deaths from death toll due to change in tracking method

disrn – Historian who has predicted every race since 1984 says Trump will lose to Biden in November

Babylon Bee – Homeschool Family Running Out Of Weird Baby Names From The Bible

Babylon Bee – 10 Signs You Might Be A Secret Racist

Babylon Bee – Trump Estimates That It Could Take 4 More Years To Accurately Count All The Votes

Babylon Bee – Score! China Keeps Sending Everyone Packages Containing Giant Mystery Eggs

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