All Around the Web – November 14, 2019

AATWTrevin Wax – The Troubling Trajectory of the Sexual Schismatics

John Stonestreet – When There Are No More Volunteers

Thom Rainer – Five Major Reasons Your Church May Be Stuck

TGC – Where Does Evangelism Fit on Sunday Morning?

Facts & Trends – 3 Encouraging Truths About the Presence of God

Chuck Lawless – 7 Signs of Unchecked Arrogance in Young Leaders

Facts & Trends – 5 Reasons People Don’t Come Back to a Small Group

Facts & Trends – 4 Ways to Get Students Ready to Be Adults in Church

Russell Moore – The Lesser of Two Evils

Disrn – Kanye West to take stage at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church Sunday

Babylon Bee – Christian Filmmakers Unveil Epic Cinematic Universe

Babylon Bee – Stacey Abrams Still Living In VR Simulation Of Alternate Reality Where She Won Georgia Election

Babylon Bee – Star Wars Fans Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against JJ Abrams

Babylon Bee – Church That Believes Exactly What The World Believes Not Sure Why No One Bothers Coming To Church Anymore

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