All Around the Web – August 30, 2019

AATWJoe Carter – 9 Things You Should Know About Ulrich Zwingli

John Stonestreet – How Unthinkable Became Unquestionable

Sam Storms – What does it mean to worship God “in spirit and truth”?

Crossway – Why Giving 10% Isn’t Enough

SBTS – Did Moses write his own obituary?

Thom Rainer – Seven Steps towards a Greater Gospel Focus in Your Church

Chuck Lawless – An Annual Reading Plan based on What My Pastoral Heroes Do

TGC – How to Be a Man: Six Models of Masculinity from ‘The Lord of the Rings’

Jason Allen – Four Realms of Realization in Preaching

Tim Challies – Faithful: The Story of Dr. Charles Woodrow & Grace Missions Ministries

Your Mom Has a Blog – The Best Advice for a Pastor’s Wife

Babylon Bee – Chick-Fil-A Installs Confessionals So You Can Repent From Eating At Popeyes

Babylon Bee – CNN Apologizes To Stalin, Mao After Comparing Them To Trump

Babylon Bee – New, Improved Car Seat Only Takes 30 Minutes Of Strenuous Fiddling To Install

Babylon Bee – Trump Suggests Having Snowspeeders Fly Around Tornadoes To Trip Them With Tow Cables

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