All Around the Web – June 28, 2019

AATWRussell Moore – A Postmodernist Looks at Sin, Grace, and the Future of Christianity

John Stonestreet – Eugenics Is Still with Us

Denny Burk – LGBT Pride Month as Religious Observance

Facts & Trends – 9 Ways Pastors Can Effectively Promote Small Groups

Thom Rainer – Nine Traits of a Community-Focused Church

Chuck Lawless – 10 Questions of Young Pastors

John Stonestreet – Podcast: Is Christianity Good for Science? With John Lennox

Facts & Trends – 6 Ways to Invest in the Next Generation

Tim Challies – The Coming Millennial Midlife Crisis

TGC – Long-Lost Bavinck Manuscript Is a Timely Work on Reformed Ethics

EW – The Office will leave Netflix at end of 2020, head to NBCUniversal’s streaming service

Babylon Bee – ‘Why Doesn’t Our Church Have More Programs?’ Asks Family That Never Volunteers For Anything

Babylon Bee – Modern-Day Good Samaritan Sees Injured Man On Side Of Road, Angrily Tweets About Republicans

Babylon Bee – Joe Biden Promises His Followers Eternal Life

Babylon Bee – Bernie Sanders: ‘We Must Pay Off Student Debt To Stay True To Our Liberal Values Of Not Taking Personal Responsibility For Anything’

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