All Around the Web – April 11, 2019

AATWDavid French – It Turns Out that Sexual Liberation Isn’t All that Liberating

John Stonestreet – Scientism Isn’t Scientific

Christianity Today – Understanding The New Apathy About Church Attendance

Thom Rainer – Six Risks I Took As a Pastor (Including Some That Failed Miserably) – Rainer on Leadership #526

Chuck Lawless – Mentoring that Usually Won’t Work with Christian Millennials

Facts & Trends – 7 Keys to Effective Church Staff Meetings

TGC – Must Your Church Have a ‘Vision’?

Table Talk – Christian Discourse in an Age of Outrage

Facts & Trends – 7 Design Tips to Help Your Church Visitors Stick

WORLD – Transgender tide

CBS News – New study finds some boys are having sex before age 13

Babylon Bee – New ‘Plan C’ Pill Aborts Your Unwanted Conscience

Babylon Bee – Ocasio-Cortez Suddenly Shifts To Speaking Like Jar Jar Binks While Addressing Crowd Of Gungans

Babylon Bee – Worship Leader Unsure What This Hashtag Symbol Doing Next To G Chord

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