All Around the Web – February 8, 2019

AATWAlbert Mohler – A Morality Tale Lived Out: The Bizarre Headlines from the Commonwealth of Virginia

Breitbart – Pew: Actively Religious People More Likely to Be ‘Very Happy’

GetReligion – Big theology news: Pope Francis agrees that various world religions were ‘willed’ by God

Trevin Wax – Reading When You’re Really Busy

Denny Burk – The New York Times falsely claims the President misled the country about New York’s new abortion law

Justin Taylor – The Weaker Sex?

Thom Rainer – Seven Warning Signs of Inward Focus in a Church

Facts & Trends – 4 Reasons Kids Make Great Evangelists

Unlocking the Bible – Two Pastors’ Advice on Pastoral Visits to the Grieving

Chuck Lawless – When a Church’s Committees are out of Control

Slate – Nancy Pelosi Keeps Quoting Her Favorite Bible Verse. The Mystery: It’s Not Actually in the Bible.

The Takeout – Which condiments need to be refrigerated?

Babylon Bee – King Solomon Named Champion Of Women’s Rights For His ‘Cut The Baby In Half’ Proposal

Babylon Bee – Democrats Suddenly Concerned About Due Process

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