All Around the Web – August 23, 2018

AATWAlbert Mohler – The Danger of “I” in Christian Prayer

John Stonestreet – When Children “Choose” to Die

Cripplegate – What Calvinists And Arminians Can Agree On

Evangelical History – The Two Main Things We Need from Leaders

Facts and Trends – 12 Biggest Ministry Frustrations for Student Pastors

Chuck Lawless – 10 Questions to Ask in Your Sermon Preparation this Week

Thom Rainer – Five Major Ways to Improve Your Worship Services – Rainer on Leadership #460

Gospel Coalition – Un-Placed: 5 Ways to Love Someone Grieving a Failed Adoption

Tim Challies – How Do You Know if Your Church is Healthy?

Gospel Coalition – Should Parents Seek Out Christian Education for Their Children?

Bible Gateway – Infographic: Bible Reading Habits

Babylon Bee – Facebook Claims Kidnapping Dennis Prager, Torturing Him In Abandoned Warehouse Was ‘Honest Mistake’

Babylon Bee – The Bee Explains: What Is Social Justice?

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