All Around the Web – March 31, 2018

AATWFederalists – Study: Atheists Find Meaning In Life By Inventing Fairy Tales

Gospel Coalition – Does the Old Testament Teach Resurrection Hope?

Gospel Coalition – When Easter and April Fools’ Day Collide

Zondervan – 10 Reasons Why People Reject the Gospel

Tim Challies – God, Don’t Take the Bible From Us!

Art rainer – 5 Things That Often Lead Parents Into Debt

Chuck Lawless – 5 Reasons We Take the Cross for Granted

Tim Challies – New and Notable Book – Three-Minute Thursdays #15

Facts and Trends – 4 Church Easter Service Fails You Have to See

Curbed – Self-storage: How warehouses for personal junk became a $38 billion industry

Babylon Bee – Confirmed: Resurrection Was Complex April Fool’s Day Joke That Got Disciples Tortured, Killed

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