All Around the Web – March 23, 2018

AATWAnderw Walker – Forcing Pro-Life Pregnancy Care Centers to Advertise for Abortion is Unjust and Unconstitutional

Ligonier – Your Testimony Is Not the Gospel

Crossway – 8 Theses on Christians and Twitter

Christianity Today – #ChurchToo: Andy Savage Resigns from Megachurch over Past Abuse

Thom Rainer – Seven Potentially Deadly Church Sicknesses

Chuck Lawless – Administrative Assistants: Church Member or Not?

Gospel Coalition – 5 Leaders Every Youth Ministry Needs

Tim Challies – Are You Godly Enough to Watch Smut?

Slate – The Real Scandal Isn’t What Cambridge Analytica Did

Mental Floss – Why Do Radio Stations Begin With ‘K’ or ‘W’?

Babylon Bee – All-Seeing Eye Of Sauron Unveiled At Facebook Headquarters

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