All Around the Web – January 24, 2018

AATWJoe Carter – Why Has the Abortion Rate Declined?

Kuyperian – Teenagers and the smartphone beast

Rusell Moore – How You Can Help End Abortion

Wardrobe Door – Our Surprising Common Ground on Abortion

Thom Rainer – Eleven Specific Ways to Pray for Your Pastor

Chuck Lawless – 11 Reasons Church Leaders Struggle with Prayer

Gospel Coalition – Healing from the Trauma of Abortion

Tim Challies – Seven Thoughts on the Billy Graham / Mike Pence Rule

Gospel Coalition – 5 Lies Christians Tell About Money

Managing Your Church – 9 Ways to Reverse a Downward Giving Trend

Church Law & Tax – What Does Sexual Harassment Look Like in the Church?

Slate – A New “Wikileaks for Religion” Publishes Its First Trove of Documents

Babylon Bee – Liberal Theologians Publish Guide To Engaging Opposing Viewpoints


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