All Around the Web – January 13, 2018

Russell Moore – What to Say to Someone Who Has Had an Abortion

James P. Boyce – 6 reasons every Christian should study theology

Erik Raymond – What Do We Do with Dreams?

Christianity Today – Moody Bible President and COO Both Resign, Provost Retires

Chuck Lawless – 10 Ways to Spend More Time with God

Facts and Trends – Churches Like Facebook, but Don’t Follow Twitter

Vance Christie – Hudson Taylor’s Remarkable Christian Conversion

Ligonier – God Alone Has Aseity

9 Marks – 9 Marks Journal

Tim Challies – New and Notable Books – Three-Minute Thursdays #10

The Globe and Mail – Your smartphone📱is making you👈 stupid, antisocial 🙅 and unhealthy 😷. So why can’t you put it down❔⁉️

Babylon Bee – Nation’s Moral High Ground Discovered At Bottom Of Pacific Ocean

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