All Around the Web – December 11, 2017

AATWTrevin Wax – Reading Between the Lines of Justice Sotomayor’s Closing Remarks in the Case of the Christian Baker

Gospel Coalition – How Acts 29 Survived—and Thrived—After the Collapse of Mars Hill

Evangelical History – Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening

Chuck Lawless – When You Grieve a Prodigal’s Sin More than He or She Does

WORLD – Young conservatism’s firebrand

Sam Storms – Was the Apostle Paul an Advocate of the “Prosperity” Gospel?

LifeWay Pastors – 11 Ways to Pray for Yourself Every Day

Cripplegate – 8 implications of calling Jesus “Lord”

Eric Metaxes – Season’s Readings

Tim Challies – Three Productivity Tips That Actually Work – Three-Minute Thursdays #6

StudyFinds – Are You Addicted? Survey Finds 40 Percent Of Smartphone Use Is Compulsive

Babylon Bee – Man Casually Mentions He Chose Jesus, Calvinist Pops Out Of Nowhere To Argue With Him

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