All Around the Web – October 12, 2017

Russell Moore – Batman, Superman, and a Rebirth for the Family

Denny Burk – Archbishop of Canterbury on Homosexuality: “I can’t give a straight answer”

Mere Orthodoxy – Harvey Weinstein vs Billy Graham

Chuck Lawless – Why We Must Be Open to Different Styles of Worship Music

Sean McDowell – 8 Predictions about the Future of Sex, Gender, and Marriage in America

John Stonestreet – How the Bible Has Changed Cultures (Part 1)

Michael Bird – Docetism 101

SBTS – 6 habits every aspiring missionary needs today

SBTS  – The Gathering Storm: Religious Liberty and the Right to Be Christian | Free ebook by Albert Mohler

Tim Challies – On Losing the Ability to Type (and The Ol’ Ball and Chain)

Babylon Bee – Late Night Hosts So Disgusted By Harvey Weinstein Scandal They Refuse To Even Mention His Name

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