All Around the Web – September 10, 2021

Kevin DeYoung – Twenty Years Later

Chuck Lawless – 6 Ways for the Church to Have More Effect on Society

Mere Orthodoxy – Kanye the Pious

TGC – Remembering 9/11: The Most Hopeful People

TGC – Remembering 9/11: The Day the Sky Turned Black

Canon Fodder – How Do You Know If Your Church Is Legalistic?

Christianity Today – Max Lucado Diagnosed with an Aortic Aneurysm, Asks for Prayer

Associated Press – Court rules Catholic school wrongfully fired gay substitute

The Hill – California lawmakers pass bill requiring gender neutral sections in department stores

Kentucky Today – Supreme Court hanging up phone, back to in-person arguments

Babylon Bee – Joe Rogan: ‘I’m Doing Better But I’m Still A Little Hoarse’

Babylon Bee – Anakin Skywalker Hired By Planned Parenthood For His Speed And Efficiency Taking Care Of The Younglings

Babylon Bee – Rolling Stone Announces Exclusive, 100% True Report On The Whereabouts Of Bat Boy

Babylon Bee – Liberal Wants To Join A Union But Realizes He’d Have To Get A Job

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