All Around the Web – March 12, 2021

Kevin DeYoung – Why Reformed Evangelicalism Has Splintered: Four Approaches to Race, Politics, and Gender

Randy Alcorn – Let Go of Lies About Heaven: Eight Myths Many Believe

Keith Mathison – The Luck O’ The Hobbit

Think Theology – Copycat Culture Wars

Marvin Olasky – SNOVID-21

F&T – Criticism Doesn’t Deter Pastors From Preaching on Racial Reconciliation

Lane Noble – The Pandemic in Hindsight: The Benefits of COVID-19 (Part 1)

Disrn – Disney yanks Peter Pan and Dumbo from Disney+ kid profiles, adults still permitted to view

Disrn – Milo Yiannopoulos announces he is “ex-gay,” proclaims “salvation can only be achieved through…Christ”

Disrn – Minister who wanted to die “preaching the word,” suffers massive heart attack and dies next to pulpit

Disrn – SCOTUS rules college that stopped Christian student from sharing faith violated First Amendment

Babylon Bee – ‘I Sure Am Glad I Don’t Live In One Of Those Banana Republics,’ Says Man As He Walks By Wall Indefinitely Surrounding Capitol

Babylon Bee – Woman Escapes The Patriarchy To Find Freedom In Grueling 80-Hour Work Week

Babylon Bee – Man Glad He’s American So He Doesn’t Have To Pretend To Care About Royal Family

Babylon Bee – Man In 2025 Bids Tearful Farewell To Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss Books, Cara Dune Action Figure As Thought Police Close In

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