All Around the Web – February 12, 2021

Trevin Wax – The Seductive Sin We Never Talk About

Abigail Shrier – Inside Planned Parenthood’s Gender Factory

John Stonestreet – How a Holocaust Survivor Thanks the Courageous Christians of Le Chambon

Denny Burk – Does the BF&M allow for female pastors?

Evolution News – Darwin and Race: Three Strikes, He’s Out

TGC – When (and How) to Avoid Contentious People

GetReligion – Joe Biden era puts transgender rights atop newsroom agendas (which creates religion news)

Reasonable Catholic – C.S. Lewis For Beginners: A Guide

Tim Challies – Should Young Pastors Prefer a Large or Small Church?

RNS – Catholic schools in US hit by unprecedented enrollment drop

Run Experience – 10 Benefits of Running According to Science

Babylon Bee – Nation Prepares To Celebrate 1st Anniversary Of Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve

Babylon Bee – Stacey Abrams Celebrates Her 55th Super Bowl Win

Babylon Bee – Deranged Streaker Runs Across Field With No Mask

Babylon Bee – Here Is The Chicago Teachers Union’s List Of 9 Demands Before They Return To Teaching

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