All Around the Web – May 13, 2020

AATWJoe Carter – Christians Are Not Immune to Conspiracy Theories

Carl Trueman – The Final Enemy

John Stonestreet – Marriages Hit a New Low

Thom Rainer – Repurposing Your Church During the Pandemic- An Interview with Mike Glenn

Chuck Lawless – 8 Words of Encouragement for Weary Pastors

Desiring God – Were Adam and Eve Real People? How History Hangs on Their Story

TGC – What COVID-19 Means for the Future of Christian Higher Education

Crossway – 6 Questions about Raising Daughters

TGC – How 6 Pastors Are Thinking About Reopening

TGC – COVID-19 Is Ravaging the Global Church

Disrn – Attorneys for CT athletes ask judge to recuse after he prohibits describing transgender athletes as “males”

Narnia Web – 15 Years Later, Georgie Henley Talks to NarniaWeb About The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Babylon Bee – Supreme Court Overturns The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Babylon Bee – Weird: Guy Injected With Bill Gates’ New Vaccine Suddenly Thinks Internet Explorer Is The Greatest

Babylon Bee – Chinese Officials Violently Raid Another Church But Don’t Worry That Will Never Happen Here

Babylon Bee – ‘Those Dumb Red-Staters Going To The Beach Deserve To Die,’ Man Tweets From New York Subway Train

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