All Around the Web – October 13, 2021

Kevin DeYoung – The bride of Christ and the hope of the world

Justin Taylor – A Gospel Moment on YouTube: D. A. Carson on the Two Jews Talking the Day Before the First Passover

Denny Burk – Elite Evangelicalism’s Allergy to Complementarianism

Mere Orthodoxy – We All Have the Power of Caligula Now

F&T – 7 Questions to Help You Better Know (and Love) Your Community

Desiring God – Four Lies That Lead to Lazy

Dash House – Has Everyone Gone Crazy?

Chuck Lawless – My Concern about Much Evangelism Training, and 8 Reasons We Must Equip Parents to Evangelize Their Children

TGC – Community Can Rescue Us from the Brink

WORLD – Live Not by Outrage

Babylon Bee – Biden Hits Record Low Approval Rating On Economy, Foreign Policy, Pronouncing Words, Standing Upright, Continence, Inflation, Math, The Alphabet, Remembering All The Animal Sounds, Respecting Personal Space (Ran Out Of Room, See Article For More)

Babylon Bee – Democrats Clarify That Men Are Allowed To Have Opinion On Abortion As Long As They’re For It

Babylon Bee – ‘Social Media Needs To Censor Conservatives,’ Says Middle Eastern Facebook Whistleblower Hillahammed Clintahamil

Babylon Bee – Ships Arrive From The Orient Laden With Pumpkin Spice

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