All Around the Web – October 5, 2021

Mark Driscoll – Mark Driscoll and the Power of ‘Father Hunger’

Christianity Today – Gary Chapman Doesn’t Know He’s Famous

Stephen Alpine – Christian schools are staring down the barrel of the religion of sex

TGC – Lessons in Artful Argument from C. S. Lewis

Crossway – 10 Things You Should Know about Marriage

F&T – The Pandemic Changed Abortion in the U.S., Churches Must Respond

Chuck Lawless – 9 Ways a Pastor Might Prioritize Evangelism

Crossway – An Interview with J. I. Packer on the Origin and Significance of the ESV Bible

F&T – 6 Ways to Lose Your Ministry

Crossway – How Elders Shepherd by Example

Kentucky Today – Kentucky Annual Abortion Report: 4,104 babies killed in 2020

Not the Bee – Identical twin gives birth to identical twins with the help of her identical twin who is a labor and delivery nurse

Babylon Bee – James Bond To Stay Male, Will Be Played By Elliot Page

Babylon Bee – Leftists Deeply Afraid Things Could Go Back To Normal

Babylon Bee – Straight-Faced Jen Psaki Denies Being Jen Psaki

Babylon Bee – 9 Exciting Careers For Gender Studies Graduates

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