All Around the Web – August 25, 2021

Trevin Wax – What Romanian Believers Taught Me About Prayer

Doug Wilson – Afghan Travesty

Stream – The Worldview of the Taliban

John Stonestreet – Chuck Colson on Radical Gratitude

F&T – 7 Ways to Draw the Unchurched to Your Church

F&T – Six Ways Social Media Toxicity Is Hurting Pastors

Liam Thatcher – Unintended Consequences Of Failure Porn

Tim Challies – No Unfinished Sculptures

GetReligion – What collapse of the Afghan gov’t means for Christians and other religious minorities

Bobby Howell – Should I use Greek in preaching?

Not the Bee – A federal court has upheld Texas’ longtime ban on “dismemberment abortions”

Babylon Bee – Dad Immediately Regrets Doing Something That Made Child Laugh As He Is Now Doomed To Keep Repeating It For All Eternity

Babylon Bee – Dominion Voting Machine Really Starting To Regret Its 50,000 Votes For Biden

Babylon Bee – ‘We Don’t Have The Capacity To Collect Large Numbers Of People’, Says Administration With Thousands Of Kids In Cages

Babylon Bee – Afghan Refugees To Be Clothed In Discarded ‘Evangelicals For Biden’ Shirts

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