All Around the Web – July 28, 2021

John Stonestreet – What is Demisexuality and the Better Christian Vision of Identity?

Doug Wilson – Budgeting for Stupidity

F&T – U.S. Is One of the Most Divided Nations, but the Church Can Help

Logos – 9 C. S. Lewis Books You Should Know (Not Named Mere Christianity)

Hibbs – The 3 Most Important Truths I Learned at Seminary

Chuck Lawless – 10 Times When Prayer is Not Enough

TGC – Lessons from London for a Divided American Church

TGC – Teach Children to Value Singleness

Crossway – An Open Letter to the Hesitant Church-Goer

Kentucky Today – Southern Baptist seminaries shine in enrollment report

The Atlantic – The Fastest-Growing Group of American Evangelicals

Babylon Bee – Trump Sneaks Back Into White House Hidden Within Trojan Ice Cream Cone

Babylon Bee – Feminists Declare Victory After Obliterating Women’s Sports, Relabeling Mothers ‘Birthing Persons’, Getting Women Drafted

Babylon Bee – Report: FBI Helped Thanos Get Six Infinity Stones In Attempt To Bust Him On Plot To Kill Half The Universe

Babylon Bee – Man Can’t Wait To Get To Heaven To Ask God Who Truly Won 2020 Election

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