All Around the Web – July 16, 2021

John Stonestreet – Why The Biblical Answer to Humanity is Revolutionary

TGC – How the Church Can Help Children of Addicts

F&T – Most Pastors Feel Supported by Other Local Ministers

TGC – Open Letter from a Cuban Pastor

Jesus Musing – Brothers, We Are Not Charles Spurgeon

Fight of Faith – Writing As a Spiritual Discipline

TGC – The Real Difference Between Sheep and Goats

Lane Noble – Sisters and Brothers, These Idols Have No Place in the Church: A Warning to Evangelicals

NPR – Drug Overdoses Killed A Record Number Of Americans In 2020, Jumping By Nearly 30%

Kentucky Today – Terrorists kill 33, torch churches after Nigeria Baptist school kidnappings

Not the Bee – This soldier jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet, his parachute didn’t open, he smashed through the roof of a house, and he SURVIVED

Babylon Bee – Rural Americans Burn Kamala Harris At The Stake For Witchcraft After She Shows Them A Photocopier

Babylon Bee – New York Times Slams Cuban Protestors For Waving Notorious Symbol Of Hate

Babylon Bee – Bernie Sanders Heads To Cuba To Tell Protesters To Be More Grateful For Their Excellent Social Programs

Babylon Bee – New Shower Has Extra-Hot ‘Wife’ Temperature Setting That Will Literally Melt The Flesh From Your Bones

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