All Around the Web – June 23, 2021

Kevin DeYoung – Preachers Gotta Preach

John Piper – 30 Reasons Why It Is a Great Thing to Be a Pastor

Evangelical History – Who Was William Jennings Bryan?

Crossway – Was the Trinity Torn Apart at the Cross?

TGC – When I Discovered I Had 3 Fathers

RNS – One in five young adult Mormons in the US are gay, lesbian or bisexual

Bible Gateway – Addressing the Top Three Concerns about Homeschooling

SBC Voices – A history of SBC presidential elections since 2000

Theology and Life – Using the H-Word

Not the Bee – Disney is holding a “Pride Celebration Spectacular” for your kids, complete with Kermit the Frog and that drag queen who’s appeared on Nickelodeon.

Babylon Bee – Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine Hailed As Breakthrough In Getting Small Children To Eat

Babylon Bee – Nation’s Libertarians Renew Push For 365 Federal Holidays A Year

Babylon Bee – Conservative SCOTUS Doing Great Job Of Conserving All The Bad Laws Democrats Have Passed

Babylon Bee – Write-In Candidate Seth Moore Elected As President Of The Southern Baptist Convention

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