All Around the Web – June 11, 2021

Trevin Wax – Are Tattoos Worse Than Adultery?

Canon Fodder – One of the Earliest (and Clearest) Summaries of Early Christian Beliefs

F&T – Pastors Value Denominations Now, Not as Sure About the Future

Mere Orthodoxy – The Six Way Fracturing of Evangelicalism

Crossway – Communion Is a Meal of Remembrance

F&T – The Places Where No One Knows a Christian

TGC – Think Small for Big Improvements in Preaching

Chuck Lawless – 9 Differences for Church Leaders when We’re Walking with God and when We’re Not

Tim Challies – Could You Use Some Joy Today?

Christianity Today – Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga Raises $5M for TV Series

Christianity Today – Charles Stanley: Not Selling CBD

Cord Cutters News – Study: 39% of U.S. Adults Stream TV Every Day

Babylon Bee – LGBTQ Community Really Bummed They Have To Eat At Burger King Now

Babylon Bee – Actress Ellie Kemper In Hot Water Again After Photos Emerge Of Her Using Aunt Jemima Syrup

Babylon Bee – God Condemned For Forgiving Racism

Babylon Bee – Here Are The 8 Worst Prayers God Received This Week

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