All Around the Web – June 8, 2021

Joe Carter – Which Abortion ‘Restrictions’ Restrict Abortion?

Darryl Dash – Be Careful About Calling Somebody a Heretic

Christianity Today – Justin Giboney – For Cosmopolitan Christians, Secular Approval is a Common Temptation

John Stonestreet – Beijing’s Nebuchadnezzar Moment

TGC – 4 Traits to Seek in a Spouse

Credo House – A Brief Introduction to Satan

GetReligion – Plug-In:  Southern Baptists brace for biggest annual meeting in a quarter-century

Evolution News – The Brain Prosperity Gospel: Can “Neurotheology” Be Real Science?

TGC – Communication’s Two Catastrophic Cousins

Leah Hickman – Abortions in the Budget

Babylon Bee – Pouting LeBron James Unplugs Sega Genesis While Losing Game Of NBA Jam

Babylon Bee – John The Baptist Not Invited Back To Potluck After Bringing Locust And Honey Casserole

Babylon Bee – Trump Reveals First 10 Items On His Agenda For When He’s Reinstated As President In August

Babylon Bee – China Denies Reports Of Bird Flu, Says There Are No Birds In China

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