All Around the Web – May 1, 2021

26 Hilariously Clever Christian Memes |

Trevin Wax – Why Christians Should Be the Best Reasoners

Alistair Begg – Alistair Begg: ‘Welcome to Exile. It’s Going to Be OK.’

Denny Burk – Senator Tim Scott Targets CRT Head-On

TGC – Who’s More Political: Progressive or Conservative Christians?

John Stonestreet – Does Trevor Lawrence Have Too Much Character to be the NFL’s #1 Pick?

Chuck Lawless – 10 Things a Potential New Pastor Would Want to Know about a Church

F&T – 3 Strategic Steps to Relaunch Your Small Groups

TGC – Would Jesus Turn Over Tables in Today’s Church?

Lane Noble – Four Reasons My Life Has Been Better Without Social Media

Disrn – Jen Psaki: Biden administration “respectfully disagrees” with Catholic church over use of aborted babies for research

Disrn – Connecticut teen finds unseen images of 9/11 attacks in family album

Babylon Bee – Hasbro Releases New Version Of Clue Where Mrs. White Is Always Guilty

Babylon Bee – 12 Ways To Help Your Wife Around The House Without Putting In Too Much Effort

Babylon Bee – All Scientists Forced To Retire After Realizing The Science Is Now Settled

Babylon Bee – Local Progressive Church Unveils Stained Glass Window Of Dr. Fauci

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