All Around the Web – April 22, 2021

Trevin Wax – A Word to the Weary Pastor

Trevin Wax – What I Learn from Teaching at Wheaton College

Evangelical History – When Martyn Lloyd-Jones Confronted a Pastor Who Loved Controversy and Denunciation

Canon Fodder – Is the New Testament Really Filled with Contradictory Theologies?

F&T – Pandemic Altered U.S. Churchgoers’ Discipleship Practices

Cold Case Christianity – A Brief Overview of the Jehovah’s Witness Worldview

Jesus Musings – Don’t Underestimate the Value of Rest

TGC – Themelios 46.1

Disrn – Planned Parenthood CEO says the organization is “done making excuses” for founder Margaret Sanger’s racist views

Disrn – Maxine Waters requested police escort to anti-police rally in Minnesota

Disrn – CDC reports 117,626 black children aborted in 1 year, more than a third of total abortions in U.S.

Babylon Bee – Facebook Blocks Story That Says We Weren’t Always At War With Eastasia

Babylon Bee – Losing Baseball Team Suggests New Rules Allowing Them To Add 4 Players To The Field

Babylon Bee – Media Commits To Creating 25% More Racism In 2021

Babylon Bee – Man Imprisoned In Gulag Just Glad President Isn’t Tweeting Mean Things

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