All Around the Web – April 20, 2021

Carl Trueman – How Not to Speak Truth to Power

John Stonestreet – Applying Christian Worldview to the World Around Us

TGC – What Martin Luther’s Stand for the Gospel Means for Us Today

Justin Taylor – Luther and the Diet of Worms @ 500

Chuck Lawless – 9 Ways to Correct Mission Drift in a Church

Reformation21 – 4 Predictions for the Post-Pandemic Church

TGC – How Deacons Are Essential for a Healthy Church

TGC – Iain Murray at 90: A Birthday Tribute

Tim Challies – Fierce Wolves Are Coming

Mark Dance – 4 COVID Takeaways For Pastors

Crossway – 5 Myths about Deacons

The Paleist Ink – Please Stay

Babylon Bee – Minneapolis Target Holds Semi-Annual ‘Everything Is Free’ Sale

Babylon Bee – BLM Founder Calls For Abolishing Police In All The Areas Where She Doesn’t Live

Babylon Bee – Man Awarded Doctorate After Watching 2-Hour Documentary

Babylon Bee – Biden Bringing U.S. Troops Home So They Can Guard The Capitol

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