All Around the Web – March 30, 2021

Joe Carter – The FAQs: The Fight Over the Filibuster

Marvin Olasky – While I Was Still a Marxist

Stephen McAlpine – Jesus Washed His Disciples’ Feet: The Disciples Of Abusers Wash Their Cars

Crossway – 3 Losses of an Illiterate Culture

Thom Rainer – Ten Realities for Regathering Churches

Cripplegate – Preach Obadiah

Tim Challies – The Only Way To Do The Work Of A Lifetime

Disrn – Colorado baker faces new lawsuit after refusing to make cake to celebrate a gender transition

Disrn – U.S. murder rates increased by 30% in 2020

Disrn – New survey finds majority of Republicans now support same-sex marriage

Cord Cutters News – More than 20% of Millennials Have Never had a Cable TV Subscription

Babylon Bee – Filibuster Conveniently Revealed To Be Racist The Moment It Stands In Way Of Dems’ Agenda

Babylon Bee – Local Man Wishes Atheist Would Shut Up About God For Just One Minute

Babylon Bee – Bernie Sanders Changes Mind On Space Travel After Elon Musk Builds Him A Fourth Home On Mars

Babylon Bee – The Bromance Continues: Biden Lets Obama Pilot Drone Into Syria For Old Times’ Sake

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