All Around the Web – February 18, 2021

Russell Moore – Enraged by Ravi (Part 1): The wreckage of Ravi Zacharias

Russell Moore – Enraged by Ravi (Part 2): What if you were converted or discipled under a ministry like Ravi’s

John Stonestreet – Biology Matters

Paul Carter – If I Were Starting A Denomination From Scratch

Eleazar Maduka – Thank God for His Work in Nigeria

TGC – Don’t Fill Every Open Moment with Content

Chuck Lawless – 13 Painful Issues for Pastors

F&T – 4 Groups the Church Must Reach in a Post-Christian Era

Disrn – “Faithful people may disagree about what the Bible says about homosexuality”: Max Lucado issues apology after controversy

Disrn – NASA Perseverance rover to land on Mars on Thursday

Babylon Bee – Trump Now Most Acquitted President In History

Babylon Bee – Impeachment Fails, Trump Reinstated As President

Babylon Bee – Violent Protest Breaks Out As Pastor Unveils Fourth Sermon Point

Babylon Bee – Public School Teachers Looking Forward To Summer Break After Long Year Of Watching Netflix

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