All Around the Web – February 17, 2021

Carl Trueman – How Christians Can Guard against the Cultural Milieu

Wayne Grudem – Practical Counsel for Those Who Have Experienced Painful Divorce

Chuck Lawless – 11 Monday-Morning Preaching Evaluation Questions for Preachers

Ray Ortlund – Do you believe in common grace?

Canon Fodder – Key Signs of an Abusive Pastor #1: A Long Track Record of Broken Relationships

LifeWay Voices – Why It’s Important to Persevere in Evangelism

TGC – ‘I Have a Boring Testimony!’ No, You Don’t.

TGC – Pastor, Your People Need the Hard Texts

Thom Rainer – The Two Largest Groups Who Have Not Returned to In-Person Worship Since COVID

Paul Levy – What Do People Pick Up From Your Ministry?

Disrn – Backfire: Minneapolis City Council retreats on defunding the police as surging crime rates provoke desperation

Babylon Bee – Shocking Video From Just One Week Ago Shows Majority Of Americans Wearing Only One Mask

Babylon Bee – Disney Posts Job Ad Looking For Strong, Fierce Women Who Are Also Obedient, Submissive, And Docile

Babylon Bee – Biden Orders Kung Pao Chicken During First Official Call With China

Babylon Bee – To Prove Cancel Culture Doesn’t Exist, Disney Fires Actress Who Condemned Cancel Culture

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