All Around the Web – February 4, 2020

Trevin Wax – Those the World Overlooks, God Sees

John Currid – Why We Dig: The Importance of Biblical Archaeology

John Stonestreet – Proverbs

Chuck Lawless – 8 Things to Do When You Wonder if Ministry’s Worth It

Cripplegate – The tragedy of a Roman Catholic funeral

Crossway – The Church’s Greatest Need

Ligonier – The Importance of What We Do in Secret

LifeSite – ‘Help us, don’t kill us’: Africans plead with Biden to not fund abortion in their countries

Lane Noble – Les Miserables: The Beauty That God Works Through

Disrn – Top epidemiologist says double-masking increases infection risk

Disrn – 27 church leaders sue Scottish government for banning in-person worship

Babylon Bee – Office Conservative Clearly A Diversity Hire

Babylon Bee – Forget Myanmar: Here Are 12 Other Countries Biden Should Invade RIGHT NOW

Babylon Bee – Lincoln Distances Self From Lincoln Project

Babylon Bee – Man Receives Gift Of Tongues After Six-Week Rosetta Stone Course

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