All Around the Web – February 1, 2020

Trevin Wax – Why Are U.S. Churches More Politically Polarized Than U.K. Churches?

Trevin Wax – The Allure of Christian Pessimism

John PIper – 5 Myths about Singleness

John Stonestreet – Your Family Needs You (And You Need Them)

Chuck Lawless – 6 Tough Prayers to Pray about Non-believing Loved Ones

F&T – Searching for Happiness

Steve Weaver – Why Freedom of Religion Matters; or, Why a Christian with Half a Brain Would Support Religious Freedom

Crossway – Why Pastors Must Be More than Professionals

Tim Challies – Why the West Is Antihistorical

Disrn – Black Lives Matter movement nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Not the Bee – It’s “Lights, camera, action!” at an Ontario barbershop as they find a genius way to stay open during lockdown

Babylon Bee –Fauci Spins His Handy ‘Wheel Of Science’ To See What He Should Recommend Today

Babylon Bee – BLM Nominated For New Nobel ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Prize

Babylon Bee – After Pentagon Declares Climate Change A National Security Threat, Space Force Announces Preemptive Attack On The Sun

Babylon Bee – Merriam-Webster Changes Definition Of ‘White Supremacist’ To ‘Anyone Who Wins In The Stock Market When They’re Not Supposed To’

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