All Around the Web – January 30, 2020

Joe Carter – The Radical Incoherence of Biden’s Transgender Policy

Chuck Lawless – 7 Reasons Every Pastor Ought to Train Believers Overseas for at Least a Week Each Year

F&T – 6 Long Term Problems Churches Only Noticed Recently

TGC – Kill Your Son, Abraham: Making Sense of a Shocking Command

WORLD – Canceled and deplatformed

WORLD – Crisis of faith

WORLD – Southern Baptist division

Babylon Bee – Twitter Releases New Community-Based Tool To Find Witches

Babylon Bee – Biden Orders Surgeon General’s Warnings Placed On All Biology Textbooks

Babylon Bee – 7 Even Safer Alternatives To Double-Masking

Babylon Bee – Democrats Vote To Reinstate Trump As President So Impeachment Trial Is Constitutional

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