All Around the Web – January 19, 2020

Joe Carter – The Fantasy Ideology of the American Insurrectionists

Exchange – Three Ways You Can Engage Your Neighbors

Evolution News – Martin Luther King’s Powerful Critique of Scientific Racism, Scientific Materialism

Thom Rainer – Five Moves Churches Are Making in the Second COVID Spike

TGC – Multifaceted Glory: What the Transfiguration Tells Us About Jesus

Crossway – 4 Questions about the Attributes of God

Entrusted to the Dirt – Literally The Man on the Island

Tim Challies – Don’t Drop the Rock!

TGC – What Do You Mean by ‘Unity’?

Disrn – CDC recommends wearing mask, social distancing even after receiving vaccine

Disrn – Parler CEO flees home, goes into hiding with family after death threats

Disrn – Chinese officials raid homeschool run by heavily persecuted church

Babylon Bee – Trump Supporter Hilly Mae Cleetus Suspected Of Inciting Riot At Capitol

Babylon Bee – New Evidence Suggests Rioter Was Actually Trump Supporter Disguised As Antifa Disguised As Trump Supporter

Babylon Bee – Democrat States Follow The Science By Doing What Florida Did Back In May

Babylon Bee – Smoke Signal For ‘RIGGED ELECTION!’ Seen Rising From White House Lawn

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