All Around the Web – January 12, 2020

Keith A. Mathison – The State of Theology

Evangelical History – 80 Years Ago C. S. Lewis Warned Against Making Faith a Means to a Political End

Denny Burk – Assessing Blame for the Insurrection without Partiality

Marvin Olasky – Wednesday’s warning

John Stonestreet – When the Truth-Bearer Falls

TGC – Damn the Curse of Ham: How Genesis 9 Got Twisted into Racist Propaganda

Tim Challies – 7 Things I Pray You Experience in 2021

GetReligion – Thinking about, and with, Al Mohler: America’s ‘ordered liberty’ was set afire — by Trump

Justin Taylor – Why Those Who Mourn Are Blessed in God’s Kingdom

Entrusted to Dirt – Closer to Islam than to Liberal Christianity

Babylon Bee – Congress Upset As They’re The Only Criminals Allowed In The Capitol

Babylon Bee – The Top 10 Darkest Days In U.S. History

Babylon Bee – Liberals Tell Everyone To Calm Down About The Siege Since The Capitol Has Insurance

Babylon Bee – Pelosi Calls For Capitol To Increase Presence Of Social Workers

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