All Around the Web – December 22, 2020

Albert Mohler – A Commitment to Truth: The Twentieth Anniversary of the Baptist Faith & Message

John Piper – Does Joy Come After Suffering, Or in It?

Thom Rainer – Twelve Major Trends for Churches in 2021

Chuck Lawless – 8  Questions to Determine if I’m a Dependent or Independent Leader

Tim Challies – On Following Mediocre Leaders

Written For Our Instruction – Seeing The Good And Not Just The Bad

John Stonestreet – Life Lessons from “It’s a Wonderful Life”

LifeWay Voices – 7 Discipleship Lessons from The Chronicles of Narnia

TGC – Pandemic Pop-Up Pantries: How Our Church Responded to Local Needs

Vox – How Christmas Trees Are Made

Babylon Bee – Romans 9 Now Includes Disclaimer That Doctrine Of Election Is Disputed

Babylon Bee – New Tesla To Run Exclusively On Liberal Tears

Babylon Bee – Buttigieg Defends Transportation Credentials By Revealing He Has Played Tons Of Mario Kart 64

Babylon Bee – Millions Of Women Agree To Take Vaccine After It’s Disguised As An Essential Oil

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