All Around the Web – November 14, 2020

Kevin DeYoung – When You Say Nothing at All

John Stonestreet – Divorce Is Down During COVID

Justin Taylor – Have You Ever Fasted for Abortion to End?

TGC – Why Don’t the New Testament Authors Explain the Trinity?

Chuck Lawless – 10 Signs You’re a “People-Pleaser” Church Leader

Contra Mundum – Seven Ways To Preach Christ From the Old Testament

Disrn – Ticketmaster to require proof of COVID vaccine to purchase tickets

Disrn – America’s divorce rate hits 50-year low, likely to continue drop during pandemic

Babylon Bee – New Bible Features Removable Romans 13 For When You Don’t Like The President

Babylon Bee – Girlfriend Keeps Referring To Herself As ‘Wife-Elect’ Despite No Official Word From Boyfriend

Babylon Bee – 10 Ways To Put Christ Back In Christmas This Year

Babylon Bee – AOC Announces She Is Leaving Politics To Host Jeopardy

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