All Around the Web – November 13, 2020

Carl Truman – The Rise of “Psychological Man”

Samuel James – It’s Time to Move On

John Stonestreet – Why the Idea of Human Exceptionalism Ruffles Feathers

Chuck Lawless – If Churches Must Go into COVID Shutdown Again . . .

TGC – What’s the Future of Religious Freedom in the U.S.?

F&T – 8 Red Flags of a Leadership Integrity Gap

Tim Challies – What To Read about Conspiracy Theory

One Zero – Facebook Is the ‘Mainstream Media’ Now

Disrn – Biden preparing executive orders to reverse pro-life Trump policies

Disrn – Chick-fil-A named America’s favorite fast food for 6th year in a row

Disrn – CDC recommends hosting Thanksgiving dinner outside and requiring guests to wear masks

Babylon Bee – Unclear Who Christians Are Worshiping This Morning After Trump Loss

Babylon Bee – Journalists Switch From Offense To Defense

Babylon Bee – Study Finds Connection Between Getting Your Way And Calling For Unity

Babylon Bee – After Wiping Out Half The Universe, Thanos Calls For Unity

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