All Around the Web – October 6, 2020

Joe Carter – The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About Proud Boys and Antifa

Public Discourse – The Other Pandemic: The Lockdown Mental Health Crisis

F&T – Has COVID Canceled Your Fall Outreach? Here Are 5 Solutions

Chuck Lawless – 10 Signs You Trust Your Pastor

TGC – We’re More Political Than We Think

Tim Challies – The Church Is You, So the Church Will Be Like You

F&T – 6 Practical Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor and Church Staff

TGC – How Can I Handle School Anxiety This Fall?

F&T – The Danger and Blessing of a Pastoral Platform

Entrusted to the Dirt – Flip Flops: Mine or Ours?

Babylon Bee – Biden Claims Communist China Is ‘Just An Idea’

Babylon Bee – Christian Has Vague Recollection Of Something He Used To Do On Sunday Mornings

Babylon Bee – USA Today Publishes Fact-Check On Whether A Priest, A Rabbi, And A Minister Really Walked Into A Bar Together

Babylon Bee – Non-Southerner Who Says ‘Y’all’ Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

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