All Around the Web – September 22, 2020

Russell Moore – Cowboys and Crosses: How a Devilish View of Strength Is Killing Us

John Stonestreet – Why Forgetting the Holocaust is Disastrous

Public Discourse – The 2020 Election: A Clear Distinction on Abortion

Evangelical History – Did Adam Smith Get ‘The Wealth of Nations’ from the Bible?

Crossway – Why Is Teen Anxiety on the Rise?

F&T – 2 Habits That Will Destroy Your Small Group | Added bonus, the stock photo is from Frankfort where we live.

TGC – Porn—Even in the Name of ‘Art’—Perpetuates Abuse

Tim Challies – No Hand But His Ever Holds the Shears

American Conservative – By All Means, Let’s Attack Cuties Without Watching It

Disrn – Chicago homicides up 52%, majority of victims are people of color

Disrn – Emails between Nashville mayor’s office, health department indicate coverup of low COVID-19 numbers linked to city bars, restaurants

Disrn – Yelp says about 60% of businesses that shut down for COVID-19 have closed for good

Babylon Bee – Following California’s Plagues Of Darkness And Fire, Pacific Ocean Turns To Blood

Babylon Bee – Just-Laid-Off Minneapolis Police Officer Looks On Helplessly As Rioters Burn Down City Council Members’ Homes

Babylon Bee –

Babylon Bee – Trump Orders Schools To Replace Anti-American Curriculum With Daily Viewings Of ‘Top Gun’

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