All Around the Web – September 16, 2020

Joe Carter – Education Department Issues New Rule on Religious Liberty and Free Inquiry

Newsweek – Racism Is Real. But Is ‘Systemic Racism?’ | Opinion

Public Discourse – Correction: Transgender Surgery Provides No Mental Health Benefit

John Stonestreet – Self-constructed, Build-a-Bear, Buffet-Style Christianity Is No Christianity at All

Chuck Lawless – 12 Ministry Questions Church Leaders Have Asked

Evolution News – Why Should a Baby Live?

TGC – When Bullets Start Flying in the Culture Wars

Desiring God – What Makes a Man — or a Woman? Lost Voices on a Vital Question

TGC – How to Navigate the Generational Divide in Politics

Cord Cutters News – The Average Viewers’ Streaming Time has Increased by 4 Hours During COVID-19

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Babylon Bee – Audience Boos As Football Game Breaks Out At Political Rally

Babylon Bee – Californians Begin Painting Lamb’s Blood On Doorposts Just To Be On The Safe Side

Babylon Bee – Academy Strips ‘Schindler’s List’ Of Best Picture Award Due To Lack Of Diversity

Babylon Bee – ‘Let My People Go To Church!’ Bellows Bearded John MacArthur To Hard-Hearted Gavin Newsom

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