All Around the Web – September 5, 2020

Albert Mohler – Will the American Taxpayer Be Coerced into Paying for Abortion? The Enemies of the Hyde Amendment Reveal Their Strategy

Samuel James – Metaxas, Profanity, and Dignity

Canon Fodder – Seeing What We Want to See: Reflections on the Saga of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

John Stonestreet – QAnon, Conspiracy Theories, & the Church

Crossway – 8 Questions about God’s Will

F&T – Will People Leave Your Church Over Politics?

GetReligion – Hey SI: Is this an important fact? Why does Lamar Jackson wear the number 8 on his back?

The Atlantic – Academics Are Really, Really Worried About Their Freedom

Disrn – NYC passes 1,000 shootings for year, nearly double same point last year

Disrn – CDC to states: Be ready to distribute coronavirus vaccine by November 1

Disrn – Bible left on plane returned to owner 36 years later

Disrn – More than 40% of American voters won’t trust election result if everyone can vote by mail: poll

Amusing Planet – The Erfurt Latrine Disaster

Babylon Bee – Brand New Section Of Hell Created For Antifa Where Nothing Is On Fire

Babylon Bee – Cutting Out The Middleman: Dems Will Just Have Trump Debate Biden’s Teleprompter Directly

Babylon Bee – New Bill And Ted Movie Forced To Cancel Release In Light Of Controversial Line ‘Be Excellent To Each Other’

Babylon Bee – Rioters Beginning To Worry They Can No Longer Loot Safely

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