All Around the Web – August 21, 2020

Quillette – The Challenge of Marxism

John Stonestreet – How American Think About Abortion, and What Pro-lifers Must Learn

HB Charles – On Sermon Preparation

Keith Mathison – The Difference Between Tolkien & Lewis

TGC – Iowa Churches Dig Out of Windstorm Devastation

Evolution News – The Main Argument of The Abolition of Man

BreakPoint – Podcast: Should We Put Adjectives in Front of “Justice”? Or Is Justice Simply Justice?

F&T – 5 Keys to Keeping Peace in a Politically Divided Group

Chuck Lawless – 9 Reflections on Pastoral Care in a Time of Pandemic

F&T – How Do Church Dropouts Describe Your Congregation?

F&T – 4 Reasons Pastors Must Fight the Temptation of Isolation

Disrn – Bill Clinton’s neck massaged by Epstein victim in surfaced photos

Disrn – Chinese hospitals aborted late-stage pregnancies, killed newborns in effort to eradicate Uighur culture, report says

Cord Cutters News – Streaming Numbers Nearly Doubled in Q2 2020

Babylon Bee – Democrat Mailer Promoting Mail-In Voting Gets Lost In Mail

Babylon Bee – BREAKING: Trump Announces He Has Captured The Roadrunner

Babylon Bee – Brilliant Trump Puts Himself On All Postage Stamps, Forcing Democrats To Push For Abolishing USPS

Babylon Bee – State Hailed As Progressive Hub Of Technological Innovation Can’t Figure Out How To Keep The Lights On

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