All Around the Web – June 16, 2020

AATWDavid French – America Is in the Grips of a Fundamentalist Revival: But it’s not Christian

Albert Mohler – Books for A Summer Afternoon: The 2020 Summer Reading List

Via Emmaus – How Autonomous Individualism Leads to Societal Anarchy: Or, What Herman Bavinck Has to Say about Critical Race Theory

Evolution News – Honored by Statue, Democratic South Carolina Senator Said Some Blacks “Near Akin to Monkey”

GetReligion – Thinking about ‘fundamentalism’ with David French: Does this f-word apply to liberalism?

John Stonestreet – COVID 19 is an Opportunity to Re-Define the Human Species?

Biblical Spirituality – The Jesus Movement Followed 1968. What Will Follow 2020?

TGC – How to More Wisely Consume News

Chuck Lawless – Just Some Thoughts on Singing Together during COVID

F&T – 9 Tips for Church Leaders on Engaging Secular Media

Crossway – The 4 Basics of Lament

Babylon Bee – Man On Right Side Of History Surprised To Find He Still Went To Hell

Babylon Bee – AOC: ‘Most Crime Is Probably Just Some Street Rat With A Heart Of Gold Stealing Apples To Feed His Pet Monkey’

Babylon Bee – Op-Ed: There’s No Such Thing As Bully Culture, It’s Just My Fist’s Free Market Response To Your Stupid Face, Dweeb

Babylon Bee – Famed Archaeology Professor Fired After Photos Surface Of Him Wearing Nazi Uniform

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